Spectre Review

As I’ve said before, this has been a really good year for Spy movies, we’ve already had Spy, Kingsman, The Man From UNCLE and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and now it feels like the British film industry wanted to mic drop all of them with Spectre. Since Skyfall, the expectations for Spectre have been through… Continue reading Spectre Review

Crimson Peak Review

If there’s any director who deserves a lot more mainstream attention, it’s Guillermo Del Toro. Throughout his career he’s created a wide number of incredible, engaging films, all with one key element, the monsters. From his Spanish language films, mainly The Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth, to his English filmography all being films about monsters… Continue reading Crimson Peak Review

Macbeth Review

Out of all the adaptations of the works of Shakespeare in film, Macbeth is probably the play where my familiarity comes through radically different interpretations of the text. I haven’t seen a true adaptation of Macbeth set in the time period originally described, the adaptations I’m most familiar with being Akira Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood,… Continue reading Macbeth Review

The Martian Review

Over the past few years, Ridley Scott has had a pretty bad track record as a director. The last truly excellent film he directed was the Directors Cut of Kingdom of Heaven and since then we’ve had disasters like Prometheus, The Counsellor and Robin Hood. However, with those films, the stories were the problem, not… Continue reading The Martian Review