Misbehaviour Review

This is a film that I’ve been intrigued about for a while. Last year, when I was in London for a weekend with my dad, I saw a scene of this be filmed and researching the events being depicted I was fascinated. This felt like a film that was right up my alley and the… Continue reading Misbehaviour Review

Portrait of a Lady on Fire Review

Celine Sciamma is a director whose work I think shows the true universal appeal of international cinema. Through films like Girlhood and Tomboy, she has created films that have a real universal feel. This even extends to films she wrote but didn’t direct, notably the brilliant My Life as a Courgette. So the second I… Continue reading Portrait of a Lady on Fire Review

The Invisible Man Review

After the disaster that was the 2017 version of The Mummy, there was a question as to what Universal would do with their classic monsters. Would they continue with the Dark Universe or abandon it. Universal decided to abandon the Dark Universe, going in the opposite direction, working with Blumhouse to make lower budget straight… Continue reading The Invisible Man Review