Top 10 Gravity Falls Episodes

One of the TV shows that I’ve really gotten into recently has been Gravity Falls. Through its mix of great stories, solid humour, strong voice acting and incredible animation it has consistently had some of the best TV episodes of any show on air at the moment. Sadly though, this show is ending after 2… Continue reading Top 10 Gravity Falls Episodes

Trumbo Review

The Hollywood Blacklist and the reaction of America to Communism has been something I’ve been interested in for a long time. Hearing all the ways in which members of the Communist party and anyone who even vaguely supported anyone suspected of sympathising with Communism were derided as terrorists is equal parts fascinating and horrifying and… Continue reading Trumbo Review

2016 Blind Spots: Big Trouble in Little China

So next up in my Blind Spot series is a bit of a departure from the first film in this run. When I made my list, I wanted to include a film that I would have a good, fun time watching, a film with good comedy, entertaining action and a really fun central premise. Going… Continue reading 2016 Blind Spots: Big Trouble in Little China

The Third Man Review

Whenever anyone talks about classic film noir, this is usually the first film that comes to mind. Whilst it is not the first noir, many of the traditional elements associated with noir became solidified with this film, mainly the harsh lighting and the dutch angles. But with any film as influential as this one, there… Continue reading The Third Man Review