Thoughts on Justice League: The Snyder Cut

Today it was announced that HBO Max is going to be releasing the long demanded for Snyder Cut of Justice League. Following the release of Justice League in 2017, and the belief from campaigners that the film released in cinemas was ruined when Joss Whedon was brought on to re-write and do some re-shoots for… Continue reading Thoughts on Justice League: The Snyder Cut

Searching Review

The growing trend of shooting films from the perspective of phones has never really had a true champion before. Films like Unfriended and Open Windows have explored that idea, but could never convince me that they deserved to be released in the cinema rather than going straight to Netflix so it can be viewed on… Continue reading Searching Review

2016 Oscar Predictions

So it’s that time of the year again when Shane over at Film Actually does his annual Oscar predictions contest. I’ve been taking part for the past few years and have enjoyed making my predictions (even if most years it’s been going on I’ve come last). Continuing this tradition, here are my predictions for this… Continue reading 2016 Oscar Predictions

2016 Blind Spot: Raging Bull Review

So here it is, the last blind spot film I’ll be covering this year and, as stated right at the start, I’m book-ending with Scorcese. In January I reviewed Taxi Driver and this month I’m covering one of the other films considered to be Scorcese’s masterpiece, once again with Robert De Niro, Raging Bull. This… Continue reading 2016 Blind Spot: Raging Bull Review