Upcoming Changes

Over the next few months there will be a few changes in the way I run this blog and I think it’s only fair that you know about them.Right now I am in my A2 year of College and as such I will spend most of my time doing work for this. As a result… Continue reading Upcoming Changes

How Not to Redesign a Character

Over the past few years there have been dozens of remakes floating around the film world, some good (True Grit and King Kong), some bad (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween). Right now, there are some remakes I am optimistic about with the upcoming version of Carrie being the main one which gets the original… Continue reading How Not to Redesign a Character

Berberian Sound Studio Review

Now this is an interesting film and I don’t really know how to get across to you just what the film is like. It’s strange, surreal, intense,¬†engrossing¬†and I’m not sure I really get it but I still thought it was a really good film and I do recommend you see it. Now I’m going to… Continue reading Berberian Sound Studio Review