2018 London Film Festival

So as I’m writing this I’m on the train heading back from the London Film Festival. It’s been one of those festivals that I’ve wanted to go to but never had the chance until now. Having been, I have to say it is a great experience, got introductions for most of the films from the… Continue reading 2018 London Film Festival

The Hate U Give Review

Every now and then Cineworld does secret preview screenings for Unlimited members. I’ve been to a few secret screenings in the past held by Odeon (namely Midnight Special, Baby Driver, The Big Sick and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), but I’ve never got the chance to go to one for Cineworld and, unlike Odeon, they… Continue reading The Hate U Give Review

A Star is Born (2018) Review

A Star is Born is one of those films which sees a new version of it come around every now and then. Since the release of What Price Hollywood in 1932, there have been 4 different subsequent versions of A Star is Born. Now I have deliberately not seen any of those other versions of… Continue reading A Star is Born (2018) Review

The Little Stranger Review

So old British grand houses are sort of the perfect location for a horror film to take place in. There’s this sense of history and conflict within them that give off a creepy atmosphere. Enter Lenny Abrahamson, whose previous two films, Frank and Room, were excellent. It was really his involvement that got me excited,… Continue reading The Little Stranger Review