Winter’s Bone Review (contains spoilers)

The second film that I rented from Blockbuster yesterday was another Academy Award nominated film by a female director, Winter’s Bone. In summary, a really good film with great suspense and performances, even if it is slightly overrated.The plot of the film centering on a 17 year old trying to find her father or else… Continue reading Winter’s Bone Review (contains spoilers)

The Kids Are All Right Review (contains spoilers)

Just rented this film from Blockbuster and watched it, in summary really good film with some great performances with just a few little niggles holding the film back from being perfect. I you want my full thoughts click on the jump.The plot of the film is really effective for the gay marriage/adoption debate showing the… Continue reading The Kids Are All Right Review (contains spoilers)

Memento Review (contains spoilers)

First I want to start with a message to Christopher Nolan, can you make one bad movie to prove you’re human, Memento is the fourth film of yours to go into my top 50 favorite films list (will post that soon), you are the human equivalent of Pixar, you can never make a bad movie.… Continue reading Memento Review (contains spoilers)

Super 8 Trailer

On Friday, the film with the most secretive plot since Inception, Super 8 got a trailer. It looks brilliant. The way that JJ Abrams directs the film makes the action and the staging look incredible. I can guarantee that people who grew up with Super 8 cameras will be having nostalgic flashbacks while watching the… Continue reading Super 8 Trailer

A Message to Universal

Universal, you currently employ the most creative director in the film industry, Guillermo Del Toro. He has wanted to make an adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness for years. Why do you not want him to make that film. Pacific Rim just sounds like your average monster movie and nothing to promote… Continue reading A Message to Universal

My Take on the "Super" Trailer

The trailer for the film Super came out a few days ago and I want to give my thoughts on the trailer. As of now, all Super looks like is a more extreme version of Kick-Ass. Nothing wrong with that mind you, I loved Kick-Ass but the trailer looks like it is missing some of… Continue reading My Take on the "Super" Trailer