La La Land Review

When it was first announced, La La Land was one of the films I was most excited for in this Oscar season. With Damien Chazelle directing his follow up to Whiplash, one of my favourite films of 2015, it looked set to be another great film, plus it sees the return of the classic Hollywood… Continue reading La La Land Review

2017 Blind Spot: Mean Streets Review

So it’s time once again to start doing my blind spot reviews and, keeping the tradition from last year going, I’m bookending the year with the films of Martin Scorcese. For this year, I wanted to start the year with one of Scorcese’s earlier films and, considering the strong reputation it has, Mean Streets seemed… Continue reading 2017 Blind Spot: Mean Streets Review

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage Review

Sometimes, even with there being a lot of high quality films out, you just want to watch a good bit of junk, something that’s stupid but entertaining. There have been a good few films following that mould over the past few years such as White House Down, Hardcore Henry and Big Game. This year, the… Continue reading xXx: The Return of Xander Cage Review

2016 Oscar Predictions

So it’s that time of the year again when Shane over at Film Actually does his annual Oscar predictions contest. I’ve been taking part for the past few years and have enjoyed making my predictions (even if most years it’s been going on I’ve come last). Continuing this tradition, here are my predictions for this… Continue reading 2016 Oscar Predictions