X-Men Apocalypse Review

The X-Men series has been one of the most inconsistent superhero series that’s been put to film. Most of the films have been okay, with one terrible film with Origins: Wolverine and a brilliant film with First Class, even ones the other critically acclaimed ones I only find okay, held back by story problems, exemplified… Continue reading X-Men Apocalypse Review

2016 Blind Spot: The French Connection

So for this month’s Blind Spot, I wanted to take a look at a good, intense thriller. Having a look around at lists for the thrillers held in the highest regard, The French Connection stood out as the obvious choice for me. William Friedkin is one of those directors who’s work I should have seen… Continue reading 2016 Blind Spot: The French Connection

Captain America: Civil War Review

At this point, Marvel have established themselves as the kings of the superhero genre, with the MCU being the pinnacle of their achievements. Even the weaker films in the MCU (Iron Man 2 and Thor: The Dark World) are still good films. However, Marvel have been getting a reputation for their films being overstuffed and… Continue reading Captain America: Civil War Review