Licorice Pizza Review

Since this was announced I was looking forward to seeing this. I’m a big fan of Paul Thomas Anderson and this looked like a more personal film of his and usually I find his more comedic films to be well done. However, I ended up being pretty disappointed by this and left the cinema being… Continue reading Licorice Pizza Review

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain Review

This film wasn’t really on my radar before the trailers started being shown before pretty much any drama film in UK cinemas. That said, the trailers made the film look pretty interesting, especially in the visuals, which made me excited for this film. Watching the film though, there are good things in the film but… Continue reading The Electrical Life of Louis Wain Review

The Tragedy of Macbeth Review

In terms of film adaptations of Shakespeare plays, there is an interesting history of adaptations of Macbeth. There have been a few notable ones, such as the 2015 version with Michael Fassbender which I saw as part of the 2015 LAMB meet-up and I think that the gold standard of Macbeth adaptations is still, and… Continue reading The Tragedy of Macbeth Review