The Spy Who Dumped Me Review

So I will admit up front that most American comedies don’t make me laugh that much. When they’re good, they’re good, but my taste in comedy is different to the style that is present in most American comedies. That’s been the case for most of the comedies that Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon have been… Continue reading The Spy Who Dumped Me Review

The Festival Review

Now I’ve made it clear when I reviewed the films that I am a fan of The Inbetweeners. It’s one of those shows that perfectly captured the experience of being a teenager (even if virtually none of what happened to the characters in the show happened to me). So when it was announced that Iain… Continue reading The Festival Review

Christopher Robin Review

In the trend of new versions of Disney classics, the ones that have been re-imaginings rather than straight up remakes have often been the most interesting. Whilst I wasn’t a fan of Maleficent, I appreciated what it was trying to do, whilst Pete’s Dragon is a genuinely excellent film and I can’t wait to see… Continue reading Christopher Robin Review

The Meg Review

Shark movies are probably the biggest guilty pleasure films out there. With the exception of Jaws, pretty much none of them are any good, but a lot of them are entertaining in how bad they are, with some films deliberately leaning into them (e.g. the Sharknado films, which are unwatchable in my opinion). In recent… Continue reading The Meg Review

Teen Titans Go to the Movies Review

I think it’s best to say up front that I am not fully familiar with Teen Titans Go. I’ve seen a few clips and I know it is reviled in the animation community, but I’ve never watched a full episode. The show just didn’t grab my attention in the way that other animated shows like… Continue reading Teen Titans Go to the Movies Review

Ant-Man and the Wasp Review

The first Ant-Man was a film I didn’t expect to work as well as it did. With the behind the scenes drama of Edgar Wright leaving the film and being replaced by Peyton Reed, there was always going to be a sense of disappointment over what we could have got had Edgar Wright stayed on… Continue reading Ant-Man and the Wasp Review