Since I joined the LAMB a few years ago, and since I started doing the LAMBcast at the start of the year, I’ve been wanting to meet up with the other bloggers. A few weeks ago I got that chance with a meet-up being organised in London and I jumped at the chance to go and I have to say, it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

When I got down to London on the Saturday and after I dropped off my bags at my AirBnB, I went over to Waterloo station to meet up with my fellow LAMBs, although I got a bit lost getting out of Waterloo since there are two exits leading to different sides of the station right next to each other and I went out of the wrong one. Thankfully, Jay Cluitt of Life Vs Film came to take me to the right location, a street food market at Southbank, where I met up with Elwood Jones of From the Depths of DVD Hell, Lindsay Street, Rob Kyte, Jason Truluck, Jess Manzo and Mette Kowalski of French Toast Sunday and Rebecca Sharp of Almost Ginger. From there, we had a mooch around Southbank, ending up spending about half an hour at the BFI. From there, we walked round to the Curzon cinema near Chinatown and spent a good amount of time in the bar, where we met a few other LAMBs and got into a friendly argument over who the better actor was, Matt Damon or Ben Affleck (the answer obviously being Damon). Speaking of Damon, we originally planned to go and see The Martian, but by the time we got to the Empire Leicester Square which was showing it, there were only about 5 seats left, a bit difficult for at least 15 people. After a bit of a mad panic, we ended up going to see Macbeth at the Picturehouse Central, which I’ve reviewed on here, although the Shakespeare related film I wanted to see was Bill, which wasn’t playing in any cinema near us (although, considering that The Green Inferno was offered as a suggestion, I’d have been willing to see The Visit over that). After the film, we went down to the bar and recorded an episode of the LAMBcast, my segment for the episode being with Jay, Lindsay, Jess and Rebecca. From there, we walked to the Fire and Stone pizza place in Covent Garden for a really nice tea, along with a game of Last Lamb Standing where I am ashamed I didn’t remember Muppet Christmas Carol and Zulu as Michael Caine films. After the meal, we went to a pub, but I didn’t stay long as I was feeling really tired. The next morning, I met up with Jay and the FTS crew at Waterloo again and went for breakfast nearby (where, somehow, I got talking about Tipping Point, although I wish I could get talking about Only Connect) before I saw them off on their way to Bournemouth.

So yeah, a pretty packed weekend but a brilliant experience. I haven’t been as involved in the LAMB as I know I could have been. Hell, I’ve been a member for a few years but I only started recording episodes of the LAMBcast in January. Plus, at 20 I’m pretty sure I was the youngest person there which I have to say did make me feel a bit nervous before the meet-up but I needn’t have worried. As soon as I got there I hit it off with everyone. They were all really nice people, all the same level of film geek as me, similar personalities, it was a lot of fun. Conversations ranged from Iceland to Aaron Sorkin,the aforementioned debate between Affleck and Damon to True Detective, The Inbetweeners to John Oliver and his podcast The Bugle, one of the funniest ones I remember being me and Lindsay talking about the film Aaaaaaah! and wondering what people would look like going up to the counter and asking for tickets, a whole bunch of great conversations. I spent most of the weekend talking to the FTS crew (to whom I am apparently now known as tcoogs, listen to the podcast), Jay and Rebecca, and chatted with some of the other members, it was just a really fun time. Some of the best moments in the trip were when we were walking around London, mainly seeing the reaction of the FTS crew to a lot of quintessentially British things (such as a large chocolate version of Shaun the Sheep), with this going into the cinema, especially seeing the reactions by the FTS crew to the Pick n Mix and the standard incredibly gruesome public information films about road safety in the adverts before a film (plus it was funny to see the reactions of people to Michael Fassbender doing a Vladamir Putin during Macbeth). It was just a great experience meeting up with all the members of the LAMB that were there. I’ve now got faces to put to names when doing future LAMBcasts and I can’t wait for another chance to meet up with everyone.


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