White House Down Review

There have been many different films this year that have very similar films out at the same time. These include This Is The End and The World’s End, The Host and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Jack The Giant Slayer and Oz: The Great And Powerful and Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and… Continue reading White House Down Review

The Wipers Times Review

Something that I’m constantly surprised at with historical films and TV shows is how few of them focus on World War 1, at least compared to the hundreds that focus on World War 2, along with the fact that the best media interpretations of World War 1 are comedies (the best being Blackadder Goes Forth).… Continue reading The Wipers Times Review

In A World Review

A big part of the cinematic experience for me has been the trailers before a film. Everything from the cheesy voice overs to the over-the-top ways some films are sold just makes me feel at home whilst watching a film. That’s why it’s always been surprising that there haven’t been more films focusing on the… Continue reading In A World Review

LAMB Movie of the Month: Demolition Man Review

Ever since I joined the LAMB last year, I’ve wanted to do something for the Movie of the Month feature. However, since I joined I’ve either not had the time to get a post done or I’ve not been able to get hold of the movie in time. This month though, Jay Cluitt of Life… Continue reading LAMB Movie of the Month: Demolition Man Review