Source Code Review (contains spoilers)

Yesterday I watched the new film from Duncan Jones, Source Code. Now to give my full opinion on the film I will have to spoil the ending so you have been warned. If you want my summary, go and watch Source Code, it is the best sci-fi film since Inception and will probably be the… Continue reading Source Code Review (contains spoilers)

My Encounters With Those in Film

I have always been trying to meet people from film in one form or another since I truly appreciated the art of film.  In this entry I will be mentioning all the times that I have encountered those from the film world, either through webchats or meeting them face to face. Every time that I… Continue reading My Encounters With Those in Film

Cave of Forgotten Dreams Review

So far I have had two big firsts in my film year, my first Coen Brother’s film True Grit and now my first Werner Herzog film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Based on this film I will now be searching out the complete filmography of Herzog to watch in the future. This is a fascinating film, worth… Continue reading Cave of Forgotten Dreams Review

My Ideal Cast for the Batman Reboot

Next year, Christopher Nolan will end his series of Batman films with The Dark Knight Rises. After that the series will be rebooted with a new director and a new cast. I thought that I should give my thoughts on who should be which character, as well as possible directors, for the next film. I… Continue reading My Ideal Cast for the Batman Reboot