The Angry Birds Movie 2 Review

Now the first Angry Birds movie I thought wasn’t that bad. Granted, I did watch it on a plane coming back from Canada, but I thought it was a decent bit of fun, even though the message was a bit dodgy. Still, I wasn’t exactly hyped for the sequel but I decided to give it a go for two reasons. The first is that it’s directed by Thurop Van Orman, who’s done some good work on shows like Gravity Falls, and the second is that it’s got mostly positive reviews. Having given it a go, I thought it was a pretty decent film.

After the events of the first Angry Birds film, the birds and the pigs are engaged in a prank war with each other but that changes when it is discovered that there is a third island, Eagle Island, whose inhabitants, led by Zeta, want to take the homes of the birds and pigs for themselves. This forces the birds (the focus being on Red, Chuck and Bomb) to team up with the pigs (the focus on Leonard, Courtney and Gary) to save their homes. Now there isn’t really anything complicated about the film, the structure being that of a fairly standard family film, more specifically it has a similar structure to the Ice Age films with there being the main plot, along with a more comedic sub-plot focused on some hatchlings trying to recover some eggs. This side of the film I found to be padding to cover up how light the main plot of the film is, especially since, without this sub-plot, the film would be barely over an hour long, and it doesn’t have the same quality of humour as the scenes with Scrat in the first Ice Age film to provide more of a justification for their inclusion. Whilst the plot is fairly light though, the film does work in terms of comedy. Whilst there aren’t any moments that made me laugh out loud, I consistently chuckled throughout the film. There are a lot of good slapstick jokes in the film, sure most of them have been done before, but they are decent jokes and I was entertained watching it.

The voice cast as well add to the charm of the film. Jason Sudeikis as Red is pretty good, showing that the character of Red is consumed with the desire to be a hero and craves the attention so that he doesn’t find himself alone again, with this element of the film and his development relating to this probably being the most complex element of the film, which I thought was done pretty well. Josh Gad and Danny McBride are fun for the most part as Chuck and Bomb, even though some parts of their performances can get a bit annoying, whilst Rachel Bloom as Silver, Chuck’s sister, I thought was a pretty interesting character, having good chemistry with Sudeikis and her character, being the most intelligent character in the film, was a lot of fun. For the pigs, Bill Hader is a lot of fun as Leonard whilst Awkwafina as Courtney and Sterling K Brown as Gary get a few decent laughs. For the villains, Leslie Jones is clearly having a lot of fun as Zeta and Tiffany Hadish gets a few decent moments. The rest of the cast are pretty good, albeit underutilised with Peter Dinklage playing an egotistical coward well in his role as the Mighty Eagle and Beck Bennett is just doing his voice for Launchpad McQuack from Ducktales here, but he’s still fun when he’s in the film, whilst people like Tony Hale, Maya Rudolph, Lil Rel Howery, Dove Cameron and Zach Woods are underutilised. For the hatchlings meanwhile Brooklynn Prince, Faith Kidman-Urban, Sunday Kidman-Urban, Genesis Tennon and Alma Varsano are pretty good, although I found it to be a bit too cutesy for me.

On a technical level the film is pretty good. As with the first film I found the animation to be really strong, with the character animations helping to give the characters a lot of personality, with there being some good gags through how the characters move. The background animation meanwhile helps create distinct environments for Bird Island and Eagle Island and helps add some life and vibrancy to the film. The soundtrack meanwhile is a bit of a mixed bag. There are some great song choices in the film, but others feel a bit too obvious and pulled me out of the film.

Overall, I had a bit of fun with The Angry Birds Movie 2. Sure it’s nothing special and it’ll fade from my memory fairly quickly, but there are some decent gags in the film, the voice cast is charming and the animation is solid. As far as animated films go, it’s nothing special, but it’s one of the better video game films and I wouldn’t advise against seeing it.

My Rating: 3/5

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