Why I Love Movies

After I read Film Critic Hulk’s post, Why You Love Movies, I felt I had to say the reasons why I love movies. So here, lovingly ripped off from Film Critic Hulk, are the reasons I love movies.

  • Because Batman and The Joker can talk about ethics.
  • Because they make me cry over the death of a Formula 1 racing driver.
  • Because someone could make Four Lions.
  • Because a Panda can hurl cannonballs at a Peacock.
  • Because a Neighbour Hood Watch group is a secret Death Cult
  • Because one conversation in Made in Dagenham was a better exploration of relationships than every romantic comedy ever made
  • Because of Hit Girl
  • Because of the brawl in Anchorman
  • Because Life of Brian is still as religiously insensitive today as it was 30 years ago
  • Because the greatest love story I’ve seen is between two virtually silent robots
  • Because of the insanity of A Town Called Panic
  • Because of the Harry Potter series
  • Because of the ending of Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Because of the editing of Memento
  • Because of the dialogue in 12 Angry Men
  • Because Attack the Block makes chavs likeable
  • Because of the joy of watching a film with friends
  • Because of the awkward moment when you watch The Kids Are All Right with your parents
  • When you and your parents agree that The Kids Are All Right is an incredible film
  • Because of Joss Whedon’s dialogue
  • Because of every line spoken by Tommy Lee Jones in Captain America
  • Because of It’s A Wonderful Life
  • Because of The Shawshank Redemption
  • Because I cried when Dobby died
  • Because of Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess’ singing in Across the Universe
  • Because of the wonder when you see the dinosaurs for the first time in Jurassic Park
  • Because of how scary Robert Patrick is in Terminator 2
  • Because of the exhilaration of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
  • Because Hugo reminds the world about why film preservation is still important
  • Because Hugo treats children intelligently in the world of Michael Bay
  • Hell, because of Hugo
  • Because of Bill Paxton’s comic timing in Aliens
  • Because of the first 30 minutes of District 9
  • Because of the last 30 minutes of Avatar in IMAX
  • Because of the care put into the design of City of Ember
  • Because of the train crash in Super 8
  • Because of the serious delivery of a song called Man or Muppet
  • Because Andy Serkis says so much more when he doesn’t open his mouth
  • Because the Hellboy films used make-up and animatronics over CGI overkill
  • Because of the flying scenes in How To Train Your Dragon
  • Because of This Is Halloween
  • Because a DeLorean is the perfect car for time travel
  • Because of the first 10 minutes of Up
  • Because of Christopher Nolan
  • Because of Edgar Wright
  • Because of the feeling when a whole cinema experiences the same emotions 
  • Because of the House of Blue Leaves fight
  • Because of Martin Landau in Ed Wood
  • Because of Claude Rains voice
  • Because of Morgan Freeman’s voice
  • Because the greatest performance given in any film was Orson Welles in Citizen Kane
  • And finally, because a black and white, silent, French film can win the Best Picture Oscar in 2012
So there you go, I’d also like to hear any reasons you have for why you love films, please post them in the comment section below.

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